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adeen Staff asked 4 weeks ago

if interested do contact me 

adeen Staff replied 4 weeks ago

if interested do contact me at

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Justin Troy Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Hi, I need your Upwork account on rent, can you give me your account in rent, because I don’t have money to buy your Upwork account right now.
If you want to rent your Upwork account, contact me here: aazzhosting @

adeen Staff replied 3 weeks ago

I would definitely consider you but it is your posts that inspired me to rent out my up work Account which I am not using due to my hectic schedule
Justin Troy ( Staff )asked 5 months ago
I am busy and can’t use my Upwork account
Anyone is interested to buy my Upwork account
or anyone who want My Upwork account on rent.
Please let me know,

For Sale, I Will Charge $200
For Rent, I will charge 20%/monthly

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Justin Troy( Staff )replied 5 months ago
Yes, I have 2 Top rated Upwork accounts for sale or for rent, One account is from India and one account is from Pakistan, if you are serious to buy or Rent Upwork account, I send you a message on your skype, please reply to me to discuss about Upwork account.
Justin Troy (Staff )asked 3 weeks ago
I have a verified Upwork account for sale, if anyone can’t buy, I also can offer my account on rent.
Upwork account detail
Total Jobs: 74
Total Hours: 189
All feedbacks are 5 Starts
Only serious freelancers can contact.

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all of Your previous posts have made me doubtful.

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