QuestionsVerified freelancer account for sale
Justin Troy Staff asked 5 months ago

I want to sell my verified freelancer account only serious buyers need to be contacted
Account detail

  • 6 years old freelancer account
  • Good feedbacks & clients rating
  • Price: $250
  • Rent: 20%/month
Forest Staff replied 5 months ago

I have checked your description and I want to rent your account.\
Please contact with me.
This is my skype live:.cid.b536e684fee88346

3 Answers
Dennovik Staff answered 5 months ago

Hello, This is honesty. My skype is live:.cid.280eef2b37d906ad
skype nickname is Honesty.
I hope to rent your account to the long-term. 
Please add me on skype and ping me. 

MingQi Staff answered 5 months ago

Hello. I am very interested on your upwork account.
My skype id: live:.cid.21c4d4eb0e352681
I work with me.
Please contact me.
Regards. Staff replied 2 months ago


Wang Staff answered 2 months ago

I am interested in your upwork account
Skype id: live:.cid.279f5d9c29cd3b32
Let’s connect and talk.

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